About me

Ph.D, certified gestalt therapist.

I live in Kiev, Ukraine and work with English-speaking clients online.

Over 12 years of experience.

I admire people with enough courage to face personal difficulties. Applying to a psychotherapist is not an easy step, but every day I meet people who are ready to solve personal psychological problems and improve the quality of their life. Helping them with my knowledge and empathy is the meaning of my work and a huge privilege.

The choice of a good psychotherapist is certainly not easy. Certificates, experience, specialization are as important as personal sympathy. Your unconscious sometimes understands better which therapist will be most useful to you.

Please contact me via Skype ” kol_emma ” or Viber / WhatsApp +380663562826.


Individual psychotherapy (private and online):

  • difficulties in relationships: family conflicts, conflicts with friends and colleagues, jealousy, inability to build long-term relationship);
  • grieving, loss, disappointment, loneliness, fatigue, apathy, loss of interest in what was previously pleasing;
  • search for one’s borders, answers to the questions “who am I”, “what do I want”, “where and why am I going”;
  • understanding your own femininity, relations with yourself and your body, age;
  • fears, phobias, anxiety, crisis, panic attacks;
  • psychosomatic problems;
  • depression.

Family counseling (private and online)::

  • marital conflict;
  • experiencing a crisis in a relationship;
  • cheating of one of the spouses;
  • disagreements on important issues – parenting, place of residence, freedom of behavior, etc.
  • possible divorce;
  • difficulties in intimate relationships.

Group therapy:

  • difficulties in relations with the opposite sex, with superiors, friends or just acquaintances;
  • lack of support, inability to ask and receive help;
  • problems in understanding with others, conflicts or tensions with people.
  • inability to build a long comfortable relationship;
  • difficulties with expressing oneself, one’s feelings and desires;
  • anxiety, self-doubt and rejection of their own characteristics.

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.


Skype: kol_emma

Viber / WhatsApp +380663562826.

Email: emma.kologrivova@gmail.com

Nesterovsky lane , 10, Kiev, Ukraine