Individual psychotherapy (private and online):

  • difficulties in relationships: family conflicts, conflicts with friends and colleagues, jealousy, inability to build long-term relationship);
  • grieving, loss, disappointment, loneliness, fatigue, apathy, loss of interest in what was previously pleasing;
  • search for one’s borders, answers to the questions “who am I”, “what do I want”, “where and why am I going”;
  • understanding your own femininity, relations with yourself and your body, age;
  • fears, phobias, anxiety, crisis, panic attacks;
  • psychosomatic problems;
  • depression.

Family counseling (private and online)::

  • marital conflict;
  • experiencing a crisis in a relationship;
  • cheating of one of the spouses;
  • disagreements on important issues – parenting, place of residence, freedom of behavior, etc.
  • possible divorce;
  • difficulties in intimate relationships.

Group therapy:

  • difficulties in relations with the opposite sex, with superiors, friends or just acquaintances;
  • lack of support, inability to ask and receive help;
  • problems in understanding with others, conflicts or tensions with people.
  • inability to build a long comfortable relationship;
  • difficulties with expressing oneself, one’s feelings and desires;
  • anxiety, self-doubt and rejection of their own characteristics.

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.